First KEEN PhD Workshop

On 06.10.2020 all eleven PhD students met for the first KEEN PhD workshop in a virtual meeting hosted by DECHEMA. The objective was to connect the PhD students with each other in order to promote their exchange during the KEEN project period.

After a welcome by Prof. Kockmann (TU Dortmund) the PhD students presented their respective topics.  During the presentations a networking map was developed showing which PhD students have thematic similarities. According to the KEEN project, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the focus of all PhD topics, which is applied in AI-based modelling, AI-based engineering and AI-based optimisation. Several PhD students combine machine learning models with Non-linear Model-Predictive-Control (NMPC).

In the afternoon, Prof. Kockmann gave two presentations on project management and academic publishing. Afterwards, the PhD students exchanged their experiences on agile project management, which is known from software development. The exchange of the PhD students will take place every six months in a workshop format. A visit to a plant or research facility will also be considered.