First Project Meeting: AI as a cognitive amplifier

After a successful project start in April 2020, the KEEN consortium met for its first project meeting on 24.06.2020, which was held as a web conference. The objective of the event was a content-related exchange and the coordination of cross-subproject activities.

In the morning several workshops with the topics time series analysis on batch processes, the integration of substance models in flowsheet simulation, and the requirements on the data platform were taking place. In parallel, a workshop on the vision of the KEEN platform was held. The participants shared their ideas on the future of the KEEN platform, the plant of the future, and the integration of AI in teaching and education. In future meetings the vision shall be further defined.

After the presentation of the workshop results a series of presentations took place. Prof. Urbas (TU Dresden), Prof. Kockmann (TU Dortmund), and PD PhD Bortz (ITWM) emphasized the role of the incubator labs for the project. Afterwards, the subproject leaders presented the short profiles of the respective subproject specifying use cases, data characteristics, AI models, and AI tools. The short profiles had been prepared in advance of the event and shall be further elaborated in the future. At the end, Prof. Urbas summarised the main aspects of the day and emphasized the potential of AI as a cognitive amplifier.