Incubator-Lab TUDO-AD

Goal of the Incubator-Labs is deriving and defining of AI-based business models for prolonging the AI-Incubator-Labs beyond public funding. Preliminary specific answers will be given on typical questions of the business model development such as customer segments, key partners, key activities, and key resources. Transparency requirements for the eco-system and conflicts of interest and goals will be identified.

The research group Equipment Design develops and characterises modular laboratory and pilot equipment for the continuous chemical and pharmaceutical production. Besides small columns for extraction and distillation, the equipment for continuous crystallisation and microstructured reactors with integrated measuring and control techniques are developed. Simulations and X-ray measurements of multi-phase flows as well as bionic design of equipment elements complement the scientific profile. The experimental work is supported via modelling, optimised experimental design, AI-supported image evaluation, and advanced analysis techniques.

Contact: Prof. Norbert Kockmann, TU Dortmund


N. Kockmann et al., CIT 90(11), 1806, 2018