Fifth project meeting at DECHEMA

The fifth project meeting of KEEN, which was held on 20.05.2022 at DECHEMA, is the first on-site meeting of the consortium. Among the 46 people, Nicolas Weiner from the German Aerospace Center (DLR Projektträger), as well as Tom Kraus and Kristina Peneva from the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) were present.

Twelve PhD students presented their current results. From AI-based image analysis to the standardization of metadata, all topics of the subprojects of KEEN were represented. The project coordinator, Leon Urbas, praised the contributions of the PhD students and acknowledged their work as a major project success of KEEN. The program was complemented by a tandem talk by Evrim Örs, Digital Project Leader Fab E&C of Air Liquide, and Tim NG, Digital Transformation Director of Air Liquide's AI-Readiness program, who illustrated the opportunities and benefits of digitization and harnessing data to invent a sustainable future within Air Liquide. A second highlight lecture was given by Marius Kloft, head of the Machine Learning group at TU Kaiserslautern. In his interactive talk, he provided insights into the current research in the field of "deep anomaly detection". The breaks were extensively used for the exchange among the participants. Nicolas Weiner concluded by praising the convincing results and the successful event.